Finney & Turnipseed, Transportation & Civil Engineering, L.L.C.


Roy A. Finney, the son of Herbert and Mahala (Alpin) Finney was born in Wakefield, Kansas, on February 23, 1891. He was graduated from the University of Kansas (Lawrence) School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering in 1913.

Prior to graduation Mr. Finney spent two years in Mexico working on railroad bridge construction for Bancaria Construction Company of London. For three years after his graduation he was with the engineering and valuation department of Santa Fe Railway. In 1917, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and reached the rank of Captain while serving in France during World War I with the 110th Engineers of the 35th Division. He returned to Topeka, Kansas in 1919 and spent the next three years as engineer for the Topeka Foundry and Iron Works. In 1922, Mr. Finney opened an office as a consulting engineer specializing in the structural design of bridges, buildings and related works. At times throughout the next twenty-two years he was associated with other engineers in the practice of engineering. In May of 1944, he joined with Charles Turnipseed to form the firm of Finney and Turnipseed, Consulting Engineers. This firm has been responsible for the design of numerous bridges in Kansas and the structural design for many buildings in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa and Texas.